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Photo with Persian Traditional Costume


Traditional dress in Iran is a product of the glorious Persian heritage. Traditional outfits for Iranian men include the Pirahan, Shalvar, and Jameh combination. According to historians, Shalwar Kameez which is a popular traditional dress in South Asia was introduced by the Persians. Iranian men also use a wide belt known as “Kamarband” or “cummerbund“. Headdresses were also worn by men known as the Sarband

Traditional outfits for Iranian women include the Pirahan, Daaman and Tonbaan combination. Headdresses for women were called Chaarghad.

We have a number of full Iranian outfits from all corners of the country such as GilakiAzeriLori, Kurdish, and Qashqai for you. You can also bring your traditional costume from any country and we have dressing rooms ready for you to change the clothes.

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