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VHS, 8, Hi8, Digital8 & Mini DV to DVD


$25/hr convert to DVD (minimum charge of 1 hour DVD and Case included)

& $28/hr For PAL to NTSC or convert any kind of tape to File (mpeg4 or AVI)
If you have lots of tapes we'll give you an even better rate.
Does your VHS have fungus ? We can assist in recovering the tape, so before you throw it out bring it in.

8 mm & Super 8 and 16 mm Film to DVD

The rate is hard to beat with 50 cents/foot (most small 8mm reels are about 50 feet) and 75 Cent/foot for 16 mm

Our technician has years of work experience in the film industry and uses a modern digital transfer process, which will bring sharpness and brilliant color back to your films. He gives lots of attention in cleaning and transferring, and NEVER projecting the image, rather scanning it directly off the film on CCD. This results in brilliant footage that will outlast it's original source. This is a great gift idea and can be duplicated for friends and family to enjoy.

Betamax - Betacam SP - Umatic tapes to DVD

$40/hr for Betacam SP & Umatic
$30/hr for Betamax and HDV

(minimum charge of 1 hour)

There's just so many video formats out there to list. If there is a video recorded on it, we'll find a way to transfer it!

Audio Cassette - Vinyl & Reel to Audio CD or any Sound format

$25 for each cassette - $35 for Vinyl (both side) and Reel

While some of the recordings are music others are of voice recordings. This technology is practically obsolete making it difficult to listen to these formats in your car or home stereo. We can transfer your audio to CD so you can play them anywhere and even import them into a computer.


Remember listening to your favorite tunes on vinyl ? no? how about cassettes?! 

Slides, Negatives or Photo scanning to still image digital format (JPEG, Tiff &...)

$1.50 each slide, photo or negative scanned at 1200 DPI + $30 setup Fee

(if more than 100#, free setup fee )
Deep Retouch = $1 more for each slide, photo or negative.

Slide Show
$3.00 each slide or photo for us to compile the images and create a beautiful slideshow including music as well as a title on DVD

Our slide scanner will provide sharp, colour-corrected digital images from your slides. Kodachrome, Ektachrome, Fujichrome, and most other slide film. To preserve your memories, we will provide you with a CD containing the JPG images.

For your photographs we scan each photo to a high resolution format. We provide you with a CD containing the JPEG images, so they can be easily shared with friends and family, via the internet.

Your negatives will be high resolution scans, which are colour and density corrected for optimal quality. To preserve your memories, we provide you with a CD containing the JPEG images.

CD and DVD Duplication

$6 for copy DVD and CD (for more than 2 is $5)

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