Movie Maker, Director, Actor, Photographer, Video editor



I have a master degree in theatre directing. I am also certified in film acting, neuromarketing, premium and principle of branding. I have near than 20 year of experience in producing and directing more than 3000 hours of educational, documentary and advertising videos. I owned a film production company in Iran for 5 years. I have made a big contribution with many international festivals and conferences before moving to Canada. After moving to Montreal, I made three music videos in 6 months. I also produced 5 advertising videos when I moved to Vancouver 2015. Now I am manager director of Sound Camera Action Studio.

Key strengths:

  • Maintain excellent communication skills and customer service with the clients and understanding their concerns

  • Strong ability in Sound Forge, Adobe Premiere Pro, Adobe Photoshop, Office, Pro Coder, Corel Draw

  • Film Editing, Audio and Video Editing Specialist

  • Animation Director

  • Photographer – Videographer

  • Experience in Window`s environment, internet, e-mail, Word and Excel

  • Excellent ability in problem solving, teamwork and collaboration



- B.A in Theater Acting, 2000, Arak Azad University, Iran

- M.A in Theater Directing, 2006, Azad University of Tehran, Iran (Art and Architecture Faculty)

- Certificate in film acting from Film Acting Studio with grade A, (2000).                                                                                                               

- Certificate in Neuromarketing and Triz, (2013)

- Certificate in Premium and Principle of Branding, (2014)

- Certificate in Transactional Analysis Psychology Consulting, (2015).


WORK EXPERIENCE (in Film and Movies) :

  • Work in Sound Camera Action Studio                                                                                                  Since  2016

  • Management and Produsing The Standup Comedy Show "Relation Harmony, Bed Symphony"             2019

  • Management for "Dang Show" group Concert, West Vancouver, Canada                                                   2018

  • Director assistant for 25th anniversary of Vancouver pars national ballet, Centennial.                           2016

  • Work with “Close up Video Production CO.”, part time, Vancouver, BC                                               2015-2016

  • Worker and Quality Control, Thomson and Tremblay, Montreal, Canada                                                    2015

  • Managing Director Film and Movies, Sound, Camera, Action Co.                                                    2009 – 2014

  • Assistant Director, Actor and Editor in “Good Life” sitcom                                                                            2010

  • Director of short film “Didaar” (Visit)                                                                                                               2009

  • Assistant Director and Photographer of documentary film “Moharam Children”                                      2009

  • Director of Three Annual Congress of Iranian “Association of Periodontology” films                      2009-2014

  • Director of Six Annual Congress of Iranian “Association of Operative Dentistry” films                   2008-2014

  • Director of 13 Congress of “National Secretariat for Industrial Development” films                       2009-2014

  • Assistant Producer of Documentary Film “Cotton Faces” nominated in FADJR festival                            2008

  • Director of the First Congress of “Thailand Export and Marketing Opportunities” film                              2008

  • Director of the Second Congress of “United Arab Emirate Export and Marketing Opportunities” film     2008

  • Director of the First Congress of “Iraq Export and Marketing Opportunities” film                                      2008

  • Almasar TV Channel, Art news Producer in Iran                                                                                  2007- 2008

  • Director of the First Congress of “Iran Nutrition in Championship Sports” film                                          2007

  • Director of the First Congress of “Iran-Iraq Economic Opportunities in Oil, Gas and Petrochemical industry” film                                                                                                                                                                       2007

  • Director and Writer of Short Film “Elevator”                                                                                                    2007

  • Director of Short film “Mother”                                                                                                                          2003

  • Acting in Short Film “Night Meeting”                                                                                                                 2001

  • Narrator of Documentary Film “Travelers of the Green City”                                                                         1999

  • Producing and Directing of Short Film “Persepolis, the Remaining of a Dusty Civilization”                       1998

  • Director of Documentary Film “Wedding in Qashghai Tribe”                                                                          1997


  • Member of the Theater Forum of Iran                                                                                                   2003 – now

  • Director Of Theater : "Delbar, The Voice of Persian Women" North Vancouver, Canada

  • Director Of Theater : "SAÀDI - A Traveler From the Town of Love" North Vancouver, Canada                   2018

  • Director of Theater : HAMLETak, Centennial Theater, North Vancouver, Canada                                         2018

  • Light and Sound manager for "Khalvatgah", in Centennial Theater, Vancouver                                           2017

  • Founder of the Vancouver Persian Theater Academy                                                                                     2017

  • "Fadjr" Theater festival jury                                                                                                                                2014

  • Director of Street Theater “Cactus”                                                                                                                   2008

  • Constituent of Psychodrama Society in “Iranian Artists Forum”                                                                    2008

  • Director of Street Theater “Untitled”                                                                                                                  2007

  • The Member of the Jury of Domestic Street Theater Festival “Savaaraane Eshgh”                                    2007

  • The Member of the Jury of Domestic Street Theater Festival “Health”                                                         2007

  • Acting in Outdoor Theater “Blue Face”                                                                                                              2007

  • Acting in Outdoor Theater “Scarecrow”                                                                                                             2007

  • The Member of the Jury of International of Poppet Theater Festival “Mobarak UNIMA”                             2006

  • The Executive Manager of the First International Scholastic Poppet Theater Festival                               2006

  • The Member of the Jury of Twenty Fourth FADJR International Theater Festival (Outdoor Section)        2005

  • The Member of the Jury of the First Outdoor Theater Festival of University of Tehran’s Dormitories      2004

  • The Member of the Jury of the Second Short Time Theater Festival “Lorestan City”                                  2004

  • The Member of the Jury of the Second Psychodrama Festival                                                                      2004

  • The Member of the Jury of the First Child Improvised Theater Festival                                                       2003

  • The Member of the Jury of the First Psychodrama Festival                                                                           2003

  • Acting in Street Theater “From Motto to Common sense”                                                                              2002

  • PR Manager of the Second Domestic Police Theater                                                                                      2001


  • Managing Director of the Second Conference of “Samar Cancer Charity Institute”                                     2010

  • Publishing Producer of “Photos of Iran Revolution” in four volumes                                                             2010

  • Directing and managing of the termination ceremony “Students Artistic Memoirs” festival                      2010

  • Executive Manager of Opening and Ceremony of 13th Asian Rowing Championship in Iran                      2009

  • Managing Director of the First Conference of “Samar Cancer Charity Institute”                                          2008

  • Teaching video editing course in HHN news site                                                                                              2008

  • Artistic counselor of Iran Ministry of Health                                                                                                     2007

  • Artistic counselor of UNDP in Iran                                                                                                           2002-2003

  • Teaching theater in the “Happy Cradle” kindergarten                                                                                     1997



  • Directing, sound acting and editing of animations for Ministry of Education and Training               2001-2005